Saturday, November 8, 2008


She’s running.
Fluorescent lit corridors, people, piles of papers on desks, clean marble tiles, and more people… She’s running with her high heels, not caring if she slips. She’s here. That’s the door, the final step. She busts in, hardly catching her breath and hands in the document with not a word.
Her boss looks at it in approval, “Ok. You can leave now.”
“Thank you sir” was barely audible, because she left in such a hurry.

She’s running.
Long corridors, stairs, people in suits; finally, the parking lot. She gets into her car and hurriedly drives off.
There is it, “Kindergarten # 81” . She enters the building, and after a few moments she’s running back out with a kid. He’s barely keeping up with after his mom.
She’s running.
Car, keys, doors slamming, accelerator….
The black ford is in the parking of the shopping mall. She yells, “wait in the car” and runs through the sliding doors.
She’s running.
Isles, shopping carts, grocery, cashier, and she’s running again.
The tires squeak when she comes to a stop at the garage door.
She’s running.
Grocery, her bag, keys. Did she forget anything?
Oh, yes, her son. Run back to the car to get him.
She runs into the house. There’s no time.
She feeds her son while quickly preparing dinner.
She looks at the time. Two minutes left.
Ok, she’ll make it. Runs to the living room, jumps on the sofa and turns on the TV.
“I made it” she says with a gasp. She has a big smile on her face and her eyes are glittering with satisfaction.
A mother, a respectable accountant, a beautiful woman. But especially, she’s a great big football fan…

Dedicated to Marik.


Anonymous said...

wow.. God`wut a splendid story .. its just made me feeel while im reading it that im livin it ,like that you could imagine the details while you were reading... really it is about life in yerevan.. !!!
great Job guys ... i congratulate u ... we neeed more such e touchy stories like this...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

well i didnt expect to read this kind of english guys r doing a great job here...its like a real storie...its a real story...good job.
Sarkis Altounian

Goharik said...

I know the feeling to be a fan... it is exciting, envolving and.... exploding!!!!!

Goharik said...

I know the feeling to be a fan... it is exciting, envolving and.... exploding!!!!!

4children said...

Guys, you are cool. I enjoyed reading. Our shining girl is really cute. Halal e dzes. You have great imagination. It was interesting, extraordinary and entertaining. Good luck!

Shushan said...

this was really very interesting..i liked the style of writing and the idea was touching too, good job!

Ral said...

Beautifully written accounts of Yerevan. What I've read so far serve as great glimpses into the lives of the people you've met. What I liked most was the subtlety, the way you've woven these stories without having to resort to a needless word here, or an overstatement there. Of course, it goes without saying that the skill is also quite good, wasn't expecting to come across such great language. It takes a certain amount of talent to weave words into a rich tapestry, and you've done it.
Good work :)
Looking forward to reading more!

Chronics of Yerevan said...

first of all we'd like to thank everyone who's been following our blogs.
also thank you for giving us your comments about the stories and what you think of them.
just a reminder that these are true moments in the lives of regular people living around us. sometimes there may not be suspense or surprise, and sometimes they seem extremely exciting. we want to present to you a real side of life in Yerevan, in any normal regular day...

Keep on reading, there are more to come.
David & Tijay

Mariya said...

OMG, hold on a second...this story reminds me of someone very special. I loved the way you went though the details.very impressive and exciting.good luck.

Veronika Azatyan, Vahe Arsenyan, Armen Danielyan said...

this was especially interesting for me cus I know that person very well!!! and I'm sure that this REALLY gonna be one day from her life)
love U, guyss!! hope to find new posts !! ;-)