Monday, October 20, 2008

Story #2: Butterfly and Biker

{It's Tuesday night, almost 10pm}

Supernova Rockstar: hello butterfly, I like your nickname
Butterfly: thanx, yours cool too
Supernova Rockstar: why “butterfly”? do you like butterflies?
Butterfly: yeah, I like the way they change day by day
Supernova Rockstar: aha
Butterfly: one day they’r like worms, another they transform to these beautiful creatures
so are you a real rockstar? :p
Supernova Rockstar: more than real baby ;) rock is in my blood!
Butterfly: what kind of rock? Do you play any musical instrument?
Supernova Rockstar: hard rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alcohol, drugs & rock’n’rol
hey where did you go, did I scare you with that?
Butterfly: no no… I dig rock music too
Supernova Rockstar: so we should hang out sometime, you know, listen to music
Butterfly: mmmmmmm
Supernova Rockstar: i’ll come pick u up on my bike
Butterfly: wow, cool! What kind of a motorcycle? so you have a pic
Supernova Rockstar: yeah. wait a sec. i'll send u but u gotta send me ur pic too 'butterfly'
Butterfly: k. But u send ur pic first

“Attachment received”

Nice! So is that really u on the bike?
Supernova Rockstar: aha. this was a couple of months ago
“Attachment received”

So which one of the 2 blonds r u? the taller one!
they’r both cute ! hehe ;)
Hey, where did u go?
Butterfly: brb
sorry I was on the phone, my friend called, we’r goin' to this party
Supernova Rockstar: k. we’ll talk later

A 14 year old teenager stood up from in front of the computer, she was talking on her phone. Her pimple full face was blushed from embarrassment. “I’m coming mom, I won’t be late”.

People around her could hear the voice on the other side of the phone

“It’s late, where are you? Young lady, you come home right now!”

The cursor on the screen was clicked on “log out”. A wheelchair was pushed back from the computer desk by old shaky hands. Suddenly the door opened, and a crack of light fell on the man’s face.

“What are you doing grandpa” said the boy. He put the tray by the bed.
If you look closer at the boy's face, you could recognize him as the motorcycle driver.

“Grandpa, it’s time for your pills”.