Thursday, November 13, 2008

Pink City of Yerevan

Once upon a time Yerevan was called “The Pink Capital of Armenia” . The roots of the story go back to the times of Soviet Union governance, during which the Armenian government began to exploit Artik’s tuff mines. There are many colors of tuff but the Erevan city hall decided to cover the buildings in Yerevan with pink tuff. With its symmetric and one-color-tint appearance, the city was admiring both citizens and tourists from all over the world thus taking “The Pink Capital” name.
Now….Now Yerevan has lost its former beauty and appearance. Now many modern buildings or even whole districts are built all over the city. We can not deny that they are nice, of course they are nice and also have better conveniences and comfortableness for their habitants, but, anyway, they destroy the architectural balance of the city. The high buildings are built right next to short ones and the colors of the buildings are dramatically different from each other, therefore creating asymmetry and color imbalance in the city.

All these changes have made Yerevan a city which combines old along with new and tells the tourists and the world that it is thriving rapidly, but does not forget about its old traditions. With most of the city built during Soviet rule, much of the city is an excellent example of good Soviet architecture with an Armenian twist – almost all with pink stone facades, including most of the grand Republic Square. The center is very compact and easily walkable, with endless dining and entertainment options.


Anonymous said...

i havent seen Armenia and i havent been to Yerevan either i've only read about them in books and tried so hard to imagine how Yerevan would look like what feeling i would feel when i walk through the streets of yerevan, and every time when i read an article related to yerevan that feeling gets stronger then ever!!! wish someday we could meet!22+

Anonymous said...

I like old Yerevan very much. It's a pity but currently the sity change its face.

Armine Karakhanyan, Narine Hovakimyan said...

I like old Yerevan better!:)
Maybe it's because the city of my childhood!
Good job, guys! Great blog!!