Monday, November 10, 2008

Red coat and violin (part 1)

It’s a fine autumn afternoon. The streets of Yerevan have turned yellow with the falling leaves. The breeze was lifting the leaves off the ground and playing with them as if they were on a small carousel wheel.

There weren’t many people sitting outside. The weather was cold, but the sun felt so warm on her skin that Alice was content. She had a certain grace with her movements, with her classy garments and style. That’s what made her stand out in the crowd.
She was looking at passerbies while drinking her cup of coffee. Next to the café was a pond, a little boy was throwing bread crumbs for the ducks. His grandma was telling him to be careful and not get nearer to the water.

A group of young ladies were walking their babies and discussing yesterday’s episode from “Vervaratsner”. That was the talk of half the population of Yerevan. But Alice didn’t care about such kind of serials. She was looking at their outfit with a smirk on her face

A very old man was mumbling something to his dog while holding it close to his chest. That’s funny, thought Alice, if he’s walking the dog, how come he’s carrying him?

She turned back to her Cosmopolitan magazine and continued leafing through the winter fashion pictures. It showed that she was up to date with fashion news and had a taste in clothing. Her red coat matched her shoes and bag.
She noticed a young man walking alone who had obviously noticed Alice and was starring at her. She rolled her eyes in dissatisfaction and puffed: “Jeans and sneakers, nothing interesting.”

Suddenly the wind blew through the pages of her magazine and took away some papers she had on her table. She tried to catch them, but the wind took them unto the surface of the water…

(to be continued )

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Anonymous said...

very interesting! i live in of course glendale, ca in america and i love to write too...i love the simplicity of your story and how it is still so captivating and easily created in an image in my head! keep up the fun hard work, you'll get to your dreams soon, i can sense it!